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Fillet Steak with Garlic and Herb Butter



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45 Min.
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Fillet Steak with Garlic and Herb Butter
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Cooking Instructions

Cooking time: 45 Min.

Served with -  Red Wine Onions, Charred Broccoli, Portobello Mushrooms & Potato Gratin


Firstly, remove the fillets from the fridge and allow to come to room temperature while you start to prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Garlic & Herb Butter

Place the softened butter into your mixer, add in your herbs and crushed garlic. Pulse the mixture until the butter has turned slightly green from the herbs and there are speckles of herbs throughout rather than fully combined. Scrap out all of the herb butter with a spatula and place in the middle of a sheet of parchment paper. Fold over the paper and tightly roll into a cylinder holding both ends to secure. Place into the fridge to harden until needed. You will have extra to use again for another time.

Potato Gratin

Pre heat your oven at 190C 

In a large saucepan add your milk, cream, and crushed garlic, season with salt and pepper and allow to come up to a low simmer. Place your thinly sliced potatoes and keep on a low heat, simmering for about 5 mins or until softened slightly.

Place the mixture into a small ovenproof dish, sprinkle with the grated cheese. then bake for 30 mins until the potatoes are soft and browned you can increase the heat towards the end of the cooking if not brown enough for 5 mins.

Red Wine Onions

Place a pan on medium heat and add 1tbl of rapeseed oil, allow to come up to temperature and add your wedges of red onions, this is a good time to add a pinch of salt to your onions to help them sauté and begin to soften. Stir regularly until translucent and add your red wine and sugar, allow for the red wine to reduce and be absorbed by the onions while you continue to stir. Once all your liquid is gone and the onions have begun caramelising add the butter to finish and remove from the heat. These can be placed in a low oven to keep warm while preparing the rest of the ingredients or reheated in the pan when needed.

Tenderstem Broccoli 

place the broccoli in a pan of boiling water and simmer for 3-4min, Once cooked then drain the broccoli place them in a bowl and drizzle with the rapeseed oil. Heat a griddle pan on high heat, once hot put the prepared broccoli on the griddle pan for around 3min on each side or until charred.

Steak & Mushrooms

Heat your griddle pan on your stove, season your steak & mushrooms with salt and pepper and rub with oil while your pan is heating. Once your pan is hot, add your steaks and mushrooms to the pan. If you want to get the charred lines on your steak don’t move them and just turn when ready

Cooking times: Rare: 2½ mins each side Medium-rare: 3½ mins each side Medium: 4½ mins each side Well Done: 5min each side

You can turn your mushrooms after a few minutes and cook on the other side. Once soft all the way through remove from the pan.

Once the steaks have had your preferred cooking time, remove from the pan and place on the board to rest for 5min while you the gather the rest of the dish, slice your butter and when you have plated your steaks place a disk of butter on each streak which will melt naturally creating a delicious sauce for your dish.


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