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Denis and Marie


Denis and Marie
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Denis and Marie

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Denis and Marie are siblings from Whitechurch, Cork. Denis is in 5th year, and Marie is in 1st year. They are from a family of five, with older sister Anna away at college during the week.

Their parents, Catherine and Paul like to give them responsibility, so they regularly help out with the weekly shopping.

Denis is a leader by nature, and this shines through, especially when helping out with their full shop! Marie has a bit of a sweet tooth, and happily chances her arm with sneaking treats in to the trolley while Denis isn’t looking…

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Denis and Marie's FULL SHOP

Dennis and Marie's FULL SHOPPlay
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Denis and Marie’s Receipt

These teens have been given full reign when it comes to this families full shop. 

See which products they choose for their family shop! (quite health- conscious, with plenty of fruit and veg, surprisingly!)

Caitriona also outlines some great snacking options for busy teens, as well as discussing the importance of getting the balance of protein and carbohydrates into their diet.

Lastly, see how much you can save on your shop by switching out certain brands in your weekly shop!


Q&A with Denis and Marie

FIND OUT MORE about Denis and Marie with our quick Q&A!

Denis and Marie's Top 10

• ALL of the fresh pastries and breads from the bakery
• Apple juice
• Special offers on fruit and veg
• Free range Irish chicken
• Smoked salmon
• Blueberries
• Free range Irish eggs
• Gluten free bread
• Bixies
• And of course peelable cheese twirlers

Denis's Favourite Recipe

Denis's Quiche Lorraine

Marie's Favourite Recipe

Marie's Cupcakes



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