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Craig and Mairead


Craig and Mairead
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Craig and Mairead

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Craig and Mairead are a couple from Cavan. They met at a dance, where Mairead spotted him across the dance floor first. It was love at first jive, and they’ve been dancing together ever since. Fun fact - they’re Irish Jive Champions and teach a regular class together! On top of that, they love the outdoors, and both hail from farming backgrounds.

After all that fresh air, jiving and farming, they’ve both got fairly impressive appetites, so getting great value is important to them - learn more about their Full Shop, and their weekly savings here today!

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Craig and Mairead's FULL SHOP

Craig and Mairead's FULL SHOPPlay
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Craig and Mairead’s Receipt

Craig and Mairead’s weekly shop contains a large amount of protein, and less fruit and vegetables.

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Craig and Mairead's shopping list

Which foods keep this busy couple fuelled!

This sure is one busy couple. Between dancing and teaching and helping out on the farm, Craig and Mairead are always on the go! Ever wondered what keeps this couple nourished?

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FIND OUT MORE about Craig and Mairead with our quick Q&A!

Want to find out more about Craig and Mairead?
What are their favourite things to do and hobbies? What do Craig and Mairead’s enjoy most about Lidl?
Find out all the answers, here with our quick Q&A with Craig and Mairead!

Craig & Mairead's Top 10

• Chocolate chip and blueberry muffins from bakery
• Oatilicious porridge oats
• Kilderg honey
• Dairy Manor Irish Creamery Butter
• Alesto Seed Mix
• Kilderg rhubarb and ginger jam and Maribel Raspberry Conserve
• Inisvale Selection Irish Hereford fillet steaks
• Alesco pistachios
• Fin Carre chocolate
• Gelatelli Stracciatella Dairy Ice-cream
• Formil colour detergent

Craig's Peppercorn Steak

Why not try Craig's favourite peppercorn sauce with steak...

Mairead's Chocolate Chip Milkshake

Why not try Mairead's amazing chocolate fix..



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