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XXL week with Caitríona
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XXL Week

The XXL week is probably one of my favourite weeks in Lidl stores all year around. I’m going to sound like a complete supermarket nerd now!


This week, while my shopping budget will remain the same, I’ll buy slightly different products than I normally do, but I’ll reap the benefits in future weeks.


Let me give you an example:


Combino Spaghetti is the same price as always (€0.45), but the packs weigh 600g, rather than 500g so I get 100g extra. That might not sound like much but when 1 serving of dried pasta is 50g, that’s an extra 2 portions for free. While I’d normally get 10 portions from a packet of spaghetti; I now get 12 instead at the same price.


What about the Dentalux toothbrushes? During XXL week they come in a pack of 3 but normally come in a double pack. You’ll have an extra toothbrush for free.


My favourite purchases this week are those that I can store in the cupboard for a decent amount of time, and those that I can keep in the freezer. It’s the ideal time to stock up on things like ice creams from the Gelatelli range. The kids will be delighted and I’ll save a fortune from the XXL products, plus I’ll always have those ice creams in the freezer which will save me a fortune on ice cream van requests.


A fresh large chicken this week will be just over €4.75 which is excellent value. It’s one of my favourite proteins to buy to feed my family on a budget. Did you know I get 3 family meals from the 1 roast chicken?  It might sound a bit excessive but honestly it’s incredibly easy.


The first step is to make a simple roast chicken.


Once you’ve eaten your roast chicken dinner, allow the carcass to cool before picking off the leftover meat. I often use this to make a pasta dish or maybe even a pie.



Finally take the bones, which is all that remain, and make a chicken stock to make soup.



If you’ve a slow cooker, just pop it into the slow cooker for a few hours covered with water on high rather than bubbling a stock pot.


It really is that simple!