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Real Fast Food

Convenience meals or real fast food in our house doesn't mean that we have to pick up the telephone and call for take-out.


There are a number of "meals", if that's what you would like to call them, that we can prepare with little fuss with store cupboard ingredients.

When I think of quick lunches ( and suppers the first I consider is the humble "toastie" or toasted sandwich ( Granted mine are with the assistance of a handy sandwich toaster but they are just as easily made with the help of a dry, non-stick frying pan.


A toasted sandwich with cheese is the kind of meal I would prepare for lunch ( or tea rather than a late supper. Simply because the cheese can sometimes disagree with you if you eat it too late.  Either way, a loose pink lady apple, €0.49 is the perfect match for cheese in my book, or perhaps a little beetroot, €0.89 on the side?  Of course a green salad would add to the meal as well.


Whatever the method, the way you prepare these sandwiches is crucial. If you have a crusty bread and are using a sandwich toaster then you will probably need to cut the crusts off so that the toaster shuts firmly and locks.


Lidl have a vast range of cheese that are perfect for your cheese toasty of choice. I’m a fan of a double cheese toasty using gouda and cheddar. What do you like?





Preheat your non-stick frying pan or sandwich toaster. Butter the bread on one side only.  Unlike when assembling a regular sandwich, place 1 slice of bread butter side down onto the hot pan/toaster. Cover the bare bread with cheese, taking care to leave a little space to the edges then place the second slice on top, butter side upwards. Close the toaster lid.


If making on a frying pan, flip the sandwich after 3 minutes, or when the bottom part gets golden brown.


Taking just 5 minutes to assemble and cook, this toasted sandwich is probably one of my favourite fast food meals. There is no need to be limited to just cheese either. Other favourite fillings in our house include chicken with stuffing, bolognese sauce, chocolate spread with banana and much more besides.


I confess though that I have resorted to some of the more classic ready-made meals for my #LidlFullShop this week. The chicken pasta melt, €3.99 was a massive hit with the kids. They demolished it all. I sneakily stirred in some frozen mixed vegetables €1.25 to bulk up the meal and add some extra vegetables to their dinner. They didn’t notice and I gave myself a silent pat on the back when they stacked up the dishwasher with their empty plates.


Sometimes it’s okay to buy a ready meal here and there. I’m a realist; I have to place a value on my time. There are occasions when I run out of time to prepare a full meal and it is easier to grab a meal from the chiller cabinet.


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