Healthy Eating with Caitríona


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Healthy Eating with Caitríona

"You can always tell that the state examinations are on when we get a spell of good weather."

Healthy Eating in the Sun

There’s something about the sun that makes me feel more motivated to eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads. In particular, Lidl’s Mediterranean Style Salad Bowl is one of my all-time favourites, at only €2.99 for a fine big bowl. I suppose it’s because salads are easy to assemble, leaving me with more time to enjoy the sun and time with the family.


One of the kids’ favourite meals is a wrap feast; where I lay out as many chopped fresh vegetables as they like, particular favourites are carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.Then I grill some turkey burgers €3.79 and chop them into chunks. They all pile in to a plain tortilla wrap, (you can get eight of these for just 79c!) high with whatever they fancy, then finish with a dollop of houmous, 79c and it’s the perfect portable meal which can be enjoyed in the garden or on the go.


Meanwhile, I’ve discovered the Bulghar Wheat Salad €1.69 from the Deluxe range which I would eat every day if I could.

Don’t be put off by the chilli in the ingredients, it’s not spicy at all and it’s beautiful with some steamed cod with garlic and pepper €2.99 and some fresh baby leaf salad €1.99.


Healthy Desserts

I’m trying to keep it as healthy as possible and I’ve stocked up on as many of the fresh seasonal fruits as I can.

I have to say I’m delighted to see the nectarines €1.99 and apricots €1.99 back in store because they taste delicious once I allow them to ripen at home in the fruit bowl.

Fruit Ripening Tip 

Did you know that bananas give off a gas called ethylene that will accelerate the ripening process?

Rather than buying the ready-to-eat avocados (€1.99 for two), this week I’ve bought a net bag of unripe avocados €2.69 and a bunch of bananas €1.49.

Any fruit that I don’t think is quite ready yet will go into a bowl with the bananas and they won’t take long at all to get to perfect ripeness.


Beat the Ice Cream Van

You might notice that I’ve a packet of Mini Mix classic ice-creams for €2.69, on my shopping list this week, and that’s because they’re the perfect small size to calm the chocolate cravings.

Plus, as I live in an estate where we can be visited by up to 5 ice cream vans a day it’s great to be able to point the kids in the direction of the freezer for a small treat every now and again and mind the Euros in my purse.


Healthy Breakfasts

No matter what time of the year oats (59c) are a staple on my breakfast table. During the winter I enjoy porridge with toasted sesame seeds €1.29 and honey €1.99.

In the Summer I still make the porridge, but I buy fresh blueberries and raspberries at €1.79 (125g), during the week then freeze them. When the hot porridge is made I take a handful of the frozen berries straight from the freezer and add them to the bowl. The porridge cools almost straight away and the berries are a natural sweetener.

Healthy Lunches

This week I’m beginning to make plans for day trips with the small boys over the Summer Holidays and all the ingredients I’ve picked up as part of my #LidlFullShop are incredibly lunch box friendly.

I’ll save a fortune on lunches out and keep my money for the train fares instead!

Take a look at Caitríona's full shop snap which she got for just €113.87