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Entertaining with Caitríona

There are two waves of Birthday parties in our house every year. The first in June/July, and the second around September/October.

I could make a cake for every celebration. I have plenty of easy recipes to turn to, but to be honest with you I regularly pick up a Celebration Cake €3.99, particularly for children’s parties. It’s simple and easy to slice and share. There’s a lot to be said for saving my energy for running around after the kids rather than spending the day baking.

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I picked up 2 packs of pizza bases €2.69 from the chiller cabinet this week and as I was walking around to pick up a pound of butter, I was stopped by another shopper to ask where I’d got them. Not only are the bases perfect for speedy suppers, but they are great for pizza parties. If I fill the table with as many toppings under the sun as the kids will eat, they can then put their preferred toppings on their section of pizza before baking.


The 8-year-old likes the slices of pepperoni 89c, the 5-year-old likes the chicken pieces €1.99, the teen likes the sweet filled pepperoncini. All the kids like to add a combination of fresh mozzarella €0.59 and grated Grana Padano €2.99 (which is a ringer for parmesan cheese but far cheaper). I like to buck the trend and top my pizza with thinly sliced red onions, baby potatoes, gran Padano, and a splash of white balsamic vinegar €1.29 once cooked. No tomato on my pizza thanks.


The beauty of spending less time cooking is that you will have more time to spend with your guests if you’re entertaining. Why not make life easy on yourself and pick up a selection of the Summery dips available in the chiller cabinet? I’m a huge fan of Hummus €0.79, and coupled with fresh crunchy baby vegetables like sugar snap peas €1.09, spring onions €0.69, and the mixed chilli bag at €0.59, you’ve a lovely healthy starter to share with your friends and family with very little effort.

Have you tried making bruschetta on the BBQ this Summer?

Slice up one of the new Poppy Seed Baguettes, €0.99, and brush them with a little olive oil, then follow that by rubbing a garlic clove cut in half over the slice of baguette. Place the slices of bread straight onto the grill and once they’ve been toasted on both sides, top the bread with some of the chopped cherry tomatoes €0.79 and a torn leaf of fresh basil. When the fresh food is this good there’s no need to mess around with it.

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If you’re looking for a decent wine selection to wash down on this lovely food, this week I’ve been enjoying the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc €8.79 which is the perfect, light, Summery drink to enjoy with fresh fruit and vegetables. But let’s be honest, if it’s a celebration bubbles are an extra-special treat and the Premium Champagne Brut €19.99 fits the bill perfectly.