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Coeliac Choices

Oven baked - gluten free pork burgers

These gluten free multigrain rolls are a fantastic product for coeliacs

Shopping for Gluten Free products can often be a challenge, as so many everyday products contain barley, rye and wheat. For Amy, her weekly full shop was not an experience she used to enjoy. In fact, finding coeliac friendly products proved to be quite problematic.

Luckily, Amy discovered the 'Free From' Range at Lidl. This range has improved the couple’s whole shopping experience, as there's a wide assortment of gluten-free products at their fingertips. Amy can now do her weekly full shop under one roof!

Firstly, oven baked - gluten free pork burgers are one of Amy's favourite dishes to create! They’re delicious served with our wheat free, multi-seed rolls, with crunchy salad on the side. For summer BBQ's, these are a great addition for any coeliac (or non-coeliac) to enjoy!

CLICK HERE to take a look at this recipe or see below, it won’t disappoint!

One-tray chicken and sausage bake

Our gluten free sausage are the main ingredient in this recipe!

Next, Amy highly recommends this Chicken and Sausage Bake. This dinner is perfect for two people, and is one of Luke and Amy's favourite dishes to whip up for their perfect cosy night in. It’s not only tasty, it’s quick and easy to prepare too!

When cooking to cater for a coeliac, the main focus should be on trying to create a dish using naturally gluten-free products, as well as with speciality gluten free products. Vegetables, lean meats and poultry, (and potatoes!) are all nutritious, wheat free products to keep in mind.

Combining lots of naturally gluten free products with speciality gluten free products, such as our 'Just Free' Sausages, is the perfect way to create a delicious, cost-effective, coeliac friendly meal.

Try this recipe for your perfect night in! 

Black pudding and apple stuffed pork fillet with sliced potatoes

Our gluten free black pudding is the main ingredient in this recipe!

For a decadent, yet easy to put together meal, Luke and Amy both recommend black pudding and apple stuffed pork fillets, served with sliced potatoes.(Sounds fancy doesn’t it?) They love to cook this meal together when having friends over at the weekend. For the taste of course, not because it looks amazingly when presented on a platter…

Our 'Just Free'  black pudding is a delicious wheat-free option to use as an addition to apple stuffed pork fillets, or even as a side dish or starter, but for the full recipe click here!