Caitríona talks about Coeliac Disease


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Caitríona talks about Coeliac Disease

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Eating gluten free food isn’t a lifestyle choice when you have Coeliac Disease, it’s the difference between being healthy or sick. Making sure that your food has been certified gluten free is imperative, so that you don’t run the risk of becoming ill from cross contamination by eating foods that have been processed or cooked alongside wheat (or other sources of gluten).

Foods that you can prepare and cook at home without concerns about adding gluten into your diet are classed as naturally gluten free. They include fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products. For example our  Super Savers €PRICE this week are X,Y, and Z and they are all a great source of nutrition for all. When you are cooking these foods for a coeliac diet, make sure that you don’t have cross contamination by washing preparation tools before use. For example if you have used a chopping board to cut bread, make sure you wash the board well before preparing vegetables for a gluten free meal.

Amy, one half of our #LidlTrolleyCam families; Luke and Amy, has coeliac disease. Their trolley is full of whole foods and actually, doesn’t look all that different to a regular trolley load.

There’s a wide range of certified gluten free products to choose from in your local Lidl store. A particular favourite in our house are the corn cakes, which taste exactly like popcorn. My kids prefer these corn cakes to the regular rice cakes and have been known to argue over the packet.

When you’re on a gluten free diet, cakes and breads can be one of the things that you really miss out on. Gluten is an essential part of the baking process and it can be difficult to find a replacement that tastes like bread. Luckily Lidl has a number of options when it comes to gluten free bread, and the cupcakes are rather tasty too! 

If you have just one person on a gluten free diet in your family, make use of the freezer to preserve bread/cakes once you’ve opened the packet, as it can dry out quite quickly once the package is opened. When you’re having friends to visit on a gluten free diet, having a certified gluten free treat in the store cupboard is very handy and it’s good to see long storage/expiration dates on these baked goodies.

If you or a family member have coeliac disease and have bought gluten free products in our stores, don’t forget to hold onto your receipts to claim back your purchases in your tax return every year!

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