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Caitríona's Tips & Advice

Easter Shopping Haul 28/03/2018

Easter Shopping Haul

Caitríona reveals whats in her shopping bag this week for the Easter holidays (with added chats and tea)


Garden Madness 12/03/2018

Garden Madness

It's Garden Madness week at Lidl. Caitríona Redmond offers her gardening tips on planting and chitting potatoes. 


Gifts for him with Caitríona

Gifts for Him

Take it from me, it can be difficult to buy presents for the men in your life, especially when you’re on a budget. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone down the old reliable route of buying some new socks and a bottle of showergel for family members. Not that they haven’t been appreciated but honestly socks for Christmas? It just doesn’t feel all that special a present!

Get some great tips on what to get him this Christmas >

Christmas Toys with Caitríona

Christmas Toys

We’ve had quite a few hits from the Lidl toy barn with the kids over the years. I’m delighted to see the return of my old favourites this year, along with some new toys worth keeping your eye out for.

Find out more about Lidl's Christmas Toys from Caitríona >

Wine & Dine with Caitríona

Wine & Dine

One of the things I love about Christmas is the entertaining. I love the opportunity to gather together our friends and family. To catch up, to chat, and to really set the time aside for one another. It always feels like the height of luxury in the depths of winter to wrap our hands around a mug of an aromatic mulled drink. The scents of Christmas waft through the house as soon as you start to warm up some mulled wine.

Find out more from Caitríona >

Black Friday

Black Friday

This Black Friday your local Lidl store will have a range of specials in food (and drink) for the occasion. I know it’s tempting to go a bit mad for the day that’s in it.
Caitríona shares her top tips for getting the most out of Black Friday!

Pumpkin Carving Time with Caitriona


Pumpkin Carving Time

Carving a pumpkin is a family endeavour here. We don’t fuss around too much with the face as the kids were particularly taken with a ‘vomiting’ pumpkin the last few years.

Get all the tips and inspiration from Caitríona on pumpkin carving >

Halloween recipes with Caitríona

Halloween Recipes

Caitríona share three Halloween recipes with us. Although all three are Halloween themed they are all very different.

Find out more about these tasty recipes >

Caitríona talks about Coeliac disease

Coeliac Choices

Eating gluten free food isn’t a lifestyle choice when you have Coeliac Disease, it’s the difference between being healthy or sick. Making sure that your food has been certified gluten free is imperative, so that you don’t run the risk of becoming ill from cross contamination by eating foods that have been processed or cooked alongside wheat (or other sources of gluten).

Find out more >

Deluxe week with Caitríona


This week we challenged Caitríona me to pick her favourite ingredients from the Deluxe range and make a 3 course luxury meal for 2, only with Lidl products. Caitríona did not disappoint!


Food Cloud with Caitríona

Food Cloud

When we first started living on a tight grocery budget I thought that by committing to spend less on food it would be as simple as setting a smaller amount to spend each week. Oh how wrong I was!

Did you know that up to 40% of the food we buy can end up in the bin? That’s astounding to me now but years ago I used to throw food in the bin without hesitation.

Find out more about Food Cloud >

Caitríona talks to Sharon Courtney ahead of the LGFA Final


Caitríona talks to Sharon Courtney ahead of the LGFA Final.

Sharon Courtney is a hugely inspirational player for all of the LGFA family. Not only is she a multiple All Star Awards winner, she is also one of the top defenders in ladies football and a lecturer on the Health And Physical Activity Degree programme in Dundalk IT.

Find out more about Sharons tips for eating the right foods for match days >

Caitríona talks about the importance of diet when it comes to fitness training

Fitness Training

If you’ve got a teenager that’s training on a regular basis you’ll be more than familiar with their protein requirements. I say requirements because the amount of protein they should be eating, even when training, is probably not as much as they think.


Baby week with Caitríona

Baby Week

'Some people might have the temptation to start introducing solids for hungry babies from a really early age. However, breastmilk (or formula) is all they need for the first 6 months.' Caitríona Redmond has fantastic tips for weaning your baby. She share them with us on the biggest baby week of our year.


XXL week with Caitríona

XXL Week

'The XXL week is probably one of my favourite weeks in Lidl stores all year around. I’m going to sound like a complete supermarket nerd now!

This week, while my shopping budget will remain the same, I’ll buy slightly different products than I normally do, but I’ll reap the benefits in future weeks.'

Get all the best tips from Caitríona on making great savings with XXL week!


Festival Ready with Caitríona

Festival Ready

If you’re travelling to a Festival this Summer Caitríona has the ultimate list of food you need to take along!

'The key thing is to buy foods that will travel well and don’t need refrigerating'


Key fitness tips from Caitríona

Key fitness tips

The buzzwords in fitness at the moment are protein, protein, and protein!

Protein has its place when it comes to your daily diet and of course it’s essential if you’re training regularly. However, there are 2 very old terms that you can’t neglect and these are hydration, and fibre.

Find out more of Caitriona's tips and advice >>>

Caitríona gives us all her tips and knowledge on organic food!

Why buy organic and free range food?

Walking around the supermarket you’ll find signs and labels on some of the produce saying ORGANIC and most people, if asked, will tell you that organic food is good for you. What does that mean though?

Actually, organic food is good for us all and for the environment.


Caitríona gives us all her tips on swapping her shop for better savings.

How to Swap your shop zero hassle. 

"Bixies were my first experience of buying Lidl own brand food instead of a branded item and I remember it clearly, as though it were yesterday."

Find out more from Caitríona on how to swap your shop for better savings hassle free >

Get all the tips from Caitríona on getting your kids ready from going back to school

Back To School

This year the older boy will start in 3rd Class, and the baby of the family will move into Senior Infants – or as we call them in our house, Rang 3 agus Naoínán Mhóra. The two boys go to a Gaelscoil. Now that the eldest lemon will start College shortly (fingers crossed) I can safely say that I’ve literally made hundreds of school lunches over the years and I’ve hundreds more to make. So I have provided my best tips, on getting them right.


Caitríona shows us her version of fast food!

Real Fast Food

Convenience meals or real fast food in Caitríona's house this doesn't mean picking up the telephone and calling for a take-out.


Caitríona's tips and advice for busy active kids!

Busy Active Kids

Find out how Caitríona keeps her little ones well nourished through the busy summer months! She give us her tips on preparing lunches for little ones for their hectic summer. 


Entertain and save in style with Caitríona Redmond

Entertaining with Caitriona Redmond

Hosting the any celebration can be tricky, get all the best tips from Caitríona Redmond here. Caitríona specifically covers hosting celebrations during the summer months. From tasty recipes and cost saving tips Caitríona has it covered.


Healthy Eating with Caitríona Redmond

Healthy Eating With Caitríona Redmond

Caitriona shares her healthy eating tips here.

Discover what Caitríona's top healthy eating favourites are!


Check out Caitríona's great ideas for this Father's Day

Father's Day Inspiration

Our full shop ambassador Caitríona Redmond has some pun-tastic Father's Day ideas and inspiration to make your main man's day the best yet!


CLICK HERE to see Caitriona's top BBQ tips!

We Love Summer

Caitriona is determined to not let our unpredictable Irish weather prevent her from going ahead with her fantastic family BBQ.

See how Caitriona feeds her family of five plus guests with tasty, barbequed meats and salads.

Also, Including advice on how to BBQ your food safely, and which foods are best barbequed.

CLICK HERE to see Caitriona's top 5 Brain Foods!

Brain Food

Caitriona gives us her tips and advice on how to keep our teens fueled for those all important final exams.

It is so easy for students to reach for the sugary drinks and snacks, Caitriona's outlines her alternative, healthy snacking options that she uses to gently encourage her teens to reach for the healthier option.

Also, keep reading to see Caitriona's top 5 brain foods!