Black Friday


Black Friday
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Black Friday

 This Black Friday your local Lidl store will have a range of specials in food (and drink) for the occasion. I know it’s tempting to go a bit mad for the day that’s in it so here’s my top tips:


Even more tips:


Check out what’s on special first before you start filling the trolley. Nothing worse than getting to the third aisle and realising you’ve reached your budget limit or picked up too much of on item!


What are the best products to pick up on Black Friday?


Well that really depends on your storage situation!


If you have plenty of space in the freezer, items like milk, cheese, and butter freeze exceptionally well. Also some of the fresh foods available from the chiller cabinet also will keep well in the freezer for up to a month. Just check out the labels for the freezer-friendly icon. I freeze yoghurts as a healthier version of ice pops for the boys and that is also a great idea.


Don’t forget there will be plenty of items on special in the freezer cabinets too!


I like to pick up plenty of non-perishable items like beans, passata, pasta, rice, and to stock up on things like shampoo etc. These are the kind of things that I like to keep on standby in the cupboard for lean weeks. Having all these products close at hand means I can rustle up a meal from store cupboard ingredients when I don’t have much cash during the week.


Whatever you get up to this Black Friday do let me know what bargains you pick up! I’m a sucker for  bargain. Tell Lidl by using the hashtag #LidlTrolleyCam or #LidlBlackFriday and best of luck!