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Tips for Back to School

Caitríona Redmond

We’ve teamed up with food blogger Caitríona Redmond who has shared her top tips on how to eat well on a budget. As a mother of three, Caitríona is well versed in feeding kids of all ages and knows a thing or two about healthy, tasty meals that won’t break the bank!

Breakfast Tips

When it comes to breakfasts on a budget you can’t do much better than a bowl of porridge. Overall, I would eat porridge at least four times a week for my breakfast.

The kids, on the other hand, far prefer a bowl of wheat biscuits in warm milk with some sliced banana and a drizzle of honey on top.

Lunchbox Tips

If you’ve got a child starting school this year here are my top, tried and tested, tips for packing a lunchbox.

Make sure your child can open and close the lunchbox and drinks bottles by themselves. This sounds like an obvious tip but you’d be surprised how important this is.

Teach your child how to open things like juice boxes, yoghurt tubes, bananas, and plastic packaging. This is just as important for the teacher as for a small child who wants to be independent. Just think about it, if a teacher has a class of kids that can’t access their own food without help, they’ll end up spending the entire lunch break helping children to eat their food.

Test out new foods and snacks at home at least 5 times before they go into the lunchbox. You need to make sure your child will eat them. It’s frustrating to get handed a lunchbox full of food at the end of the day.

Food is fuel. Make sure you pack enough food to last your child through the day.

If your child won’t eat a particular item, stop putting it into the lunchbox, there’s no point in wasting food. Give them a healthy food that they will eat. Hungry children won’t learn as well and they will end up cranky in school and afterwards.

If your school has a nut ban, you can get around this by packing other protein-filled snacks such as dried chickpeas. Keep an eye out in Lidl for the Eridanous range from Lidl and stock up when it’s in store!

Snack to School

A little bit of protein in every meal and snack will keep kids feeling satisfied and fuller for longer. A handful of Alesto Cashew Nuts are a great example of a simple snack that’s full of protein.

Turkey Wraps with Zucchini and Cashew Cream

Back to School Recipe Ideas

Plan your Back to School meals with our selection of tasty recipes for the new school term. From a power porridge breakfast to a slow cooked beef casserole for dinner, take the stress out of choosing the family meals.

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