Meet Caitríona Redmond


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Meet Caitríona Redmond

Our Lidl Ambassador

I’m Caitriona, a full-time working mum who often feels pulled in every direction. I've two lively small boys, and teenage daughter. With my husband, that makes 5 mouths to feed - and that doesn't include the dog!

I run the household on a tight grocery budget which can be as little as €90 per week for my family of 5 (including cleaning materials).

For part of my week I work from home as a freelance writer, with a special interest in food and moneysaving, and as a Social Media Consultant. If that isn't enough, I also work part-time for a firm of Consulting Engineers. 


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What inspired you to become a Lidl Ambassador?

Well, I'm a home cook and I am comfortable working in all areas of food preparation. I love cooking for my family and I provide a realistic expectation of what people can achieve from home themselves. As I tell everybody, all of my recipes have been put under stress testing. That is to say, if I can’t prepare dinner while supervising homework, chatting to the teen about her day in school, answering phone calls, and knocks to the door (sometimes all at the same time) well it’s just not worth attempting.

The only way that I can feed my family on a budget is by planning ahead. I check what I have in my stores before I go to the shops and I decide what we’re going to eat for about a week in advance. Before I leave, the shopping list gets written down, and I take a picture of the list on my mobile phone for fear I forget it!

If I can get to Lidl on my own with my shopping list I can get in and out of the supermarket in 40 minutes on a good day. If I get stuck in the special offers or chatting with friends then it’ll be more than an hour.

On average my weekly shop for a family of 5 costs €100 which includes cleaning materials, dog food and sometimes even a bottle of wine. There’s always enough to cover all the fresh food we need for 3 meals a day, plus snacks, and treats.

When I first starting writing about living on a tight grocery budget I decided that if I could help just one person save money and have less stress then it was worth my while. Since then I can happily say that it has certainly done that.

By working with Lidl I will be able to show many more people how a full shop can and will make a difference to the money you have left at the end of the week. That’s money that you can spend elsewhere, on bills, in the community, on a holiday, or a special treat.

Think about it, if you save €20 a week on your shopping, over a full year that will become just over €1,000. What could you do with that much money?

I’ve shopped in Lidl for many years, and we’ve worked together on numerous projects, going back as far as the Summer of 2012, so becoming a Full shop #Lidltrolleycam ambassador felt like the perfect fit for me!

Caitríona's Top 10 Lidl products

1. Buttermilk
2. Organic or Free Range Eggs
3. Bananas
4. Porridge Oats
5. Popcorn Multipack
6. Seeded Bagels
7. Irish Diced Lamb
8. Cheddar Cheese
9. Mixed Beans Tin
10. Tomato Passata

Caitríona's Easy Nutritional Recipes

Try these slow release wholesome thrifty bites. These 'Leaving Cert Energy Balls' include oats for slow release energy, perfect for teens on study breaks.