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meet anna watson
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Healthy Eating Tips

Our Lidl super slimmer!

Meet Anna Watson, our Lidl super slimmer! Anna has lost an amazing 2 stone 3lbs in just 15 weeks last year and has surpassed her aim of losing 2 stone. Not only that, but she has kept the weight off thanks to the good habits she has learned along the way.

Anna’s top tips and advice for a healthier you!

• Have a goal set in mind.

• Make your goal realistic and achievable. Write it on a piece of paper and stick it in your purse/wallet.

• Don’t miss nights out, meals out or never feel deprived. Simply make the right choices at meal times. If you have a slip up, just change the next meal, not the next day

Anna's go-to Lidl products that help keep her on track

“Lidl has expanded their range quite a bit in the last year and I was thrilled when they brought in Quark. This is great for savoury and sweet cooking!” See our everyday healthy range here.

The go-to products that I stock up on every week are; 

If you want more healthy meal inspiration follow Anna's Instagram @anna.eats.veg