Gifts for Him with Caitríona


Gifts for Him with Caitríona
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Gifts for Him with Caitríona

Take it from me, it can be difficult to buy presents for the men in your life, especially when you’re on a budget. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone down the old reliable route of buying some new socks and a bottle of showergel for family members. Not that they haven’t been appreciated but honestly socks for Christmas? It just doesn’t feel all that special a present!


C Secure Wallet

This is an ingenious present that will get used immediately. The C Secure Wallet has RFID blocking panels which will protect essential cards from getting scammed. RFID is how your ‘contactless’ debit and credit cards work, so a blocking system is very important to protect your bank accounts. It also protects the likes of a LEAP (transport) card from electronic interference with your mobile phone. A very handy thing to do. Will Lidl bring out a C Secure purse? I hope so because I want one!



A small 2600 mAh power bank is a handy item to give as a gift. Everybody will have a use for a powerbank. Be it to boost or charge a mobile phone in an emergency, or even just to charge a set of headphones. These are the right size to fit into a jeans pocket on a night out and will sit easily inside a glove compartment of a car without taking up much space at all.


Emoji Movie

This week we also have some second chance to pick up some Emoji products for gifts. There’s a water bottle for the gym enthuasiast, golf balls, and an epic set of dodgeballs.



Does anybody remember how popular the hoverboards were last year, but they were incredibly difficult to get a hold of. So much so that Santa’s workshop stopped making them at a reasonable price? That was a difficult year! This year Lidl have their own hoverboard. I think that’s great value and I know many an adult (young and old) that would love to get one and scoot around on Christmas Day.



Do you have a collector in your life? This week you can buy a coin organiser case, which can take up to 205 coin. There’s also a collector’s display cabinet and a watch box, to keep that special watch in. It’s important to take care of your precious collection so why not make sure it’s kept in tip-top condition?


The Fun Stuff

I have a big kid in my life who is in his late thirties, but he still likes to think he’s in his teens. So I know if I buy him a present like an LED lightsaber I may as well just buy a few for him to play with the boys with. Or maybe I should just get him a set of reindeer antlers and a nose for the car? Either way it’s good to know that I can have a bit of craic with some jokey presents that won’t cost the earth!