Get an inter-county athlete healthy diet


Aishling Sheridan
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Get an inter-county athlete healthy diet

Aishling Sheridan

Aishling Sheridan is a Lidl Ambassador who plays for the Cavan Senior Football Team & the Collingwood AFLW club in Australia. She will play her first season in the AFLW in Australia with the famous Collingwood club in early 2020 before returning to play for Cavan in the championship.

1. How important is your diet when, playing elite level sport & what, tips would you give someone, looking to sustain a healthy diet?

Diet is extremely important for, anyone playing sport, especially, when it comes to providing sources, of energy before exercise and aiding, muscle recovery afterwards. It’s, a variable that you can control to, help better your performance and, consistency so it’s crucial that you, stay on top of it.

In general, I think it’s important to have a source of protein with every meal and then add in your carbohydrates and fats along with that. I like to use an app to see what macro & micro nutrients foods contain and if they have high sugar or not. I’d advise people to ask for help from a professional or get a diary and track your food and see what little improvements can be made. Whatever way you approach, it, make your food enjoyable so you don’t get bored and fall off the wagon!

2. Starting with breakfast, what do, you eat on the day of a game?

Breakfast: Always the same - oats, natural yoghurt, almond milk, honey, and berries

Lunch: Chicken breast,,sweet potato and veg

Snacks: Protein bar/balls

3. What is your favourite postmatch, meal & what role does it, play in recovery?

Post-match, I always make sure to have a good source of all the, macronutrients so for me, I like to have chicken breast, brown, rice, and lots of veg. The chicken provides a good source of protein to aid recovery with the rice and veg providing me with everything else I need to recover properly. Protein, milk is always good to wash it down, as well.

4. What is your favourite healthy, eating recipe?

I’m not the best cook so I’ll keep it simple… Greek yoghurt, dark, chocolate, berries and grapes – mix them all together in a bowl or glass and away you go!