Christmas Toys with Caitríona


Christmas Toys with Caitríona
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Christmas Toys with Caitríona

We’ve had quite a few hits from the Lidl toy barn with the kids over the years. I’m delighted to see the return of my old favourites this year, along with some new toys worth keeping your eye out for.

For Younger Children (2-5 years of age)

There’s one type of toy that is always a hit in my house and that’s the wooden toys from Lidl. Genuinely I’ve been buying them for the kids for years. We still have a wooden motorway set that Santa brought 3 years ago. I love giving children wooden toy sets because they’re so durable and nearly impossible to break.

Be it a workbench or a kitchen, you’re guaranteed to have hours of fun for your children. These type of toys are fantastic for roleplay, for showing your children how the world works, and how to imitate their parents and family in the workplace.

If you’re going to buy any of the wonderful musical instruments on special, make sure you invest in a pair of earplugs also. It’s quite the thing to be woken at 5am by a child playing the piano or drumkit. Let’s just put it that way!

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For Older Children (6-10 years)

There’s a beautiful classical acoustic guitar to be picked up for a song (pun intended) this week. Honestly it would be ideal as a starter instrument for budding guitarists of any age. It’s such a good price that it’s perfect for introducing the instrument to an older child. If guitar isn’t their thing, then maybe a Yamaha keyboard would be a better option, just don’t forget to pick up the stand to go with.

Worth mentioning that this week there are also music stands in our special buys. They’re collapsible and fit into a small backpack, maybe one for the wannabe busker in your household?

Unleash the force with selected Star Wars figurines and an LED light saber this week. I know I’ll have to avoid the central aisle in my local Lidl if I have the boys with me for fear of a full scale battle between the light and the dark side breaking out!

For Big Children (11 years +)

The largest child in the family, who is in his late 30’s, has his eye this week on the Quadcopter and remote control cars. I guarantee that they would be a hit with children of all ages.

Have you seen the 360 degrees camcorder? Facebook have recently enabled 360 videos on their platform, along with YouTube, definitely one to show off with to your friends.

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Rainy Day Activities

This time of the year I always invest in some decent art materials and keep them in a box in the wardrobe for a rainy day. I’m delighted to see Crayola materials on sale this week, I’ll pick up a couple of packets of these along with the colour in playhouse which will hopefully keep the smallies occupied on a bad weather day.

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I’ve decided I’m going to add a 3,000 piece puzzle to my rainy day box as well. It might keep them quiet for a few hours!

Overall there is oodles on sale this week which are ideal for gifts to all ages. Have fun!